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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery:

We offer free delivery across all products.

We’ll get your order to you as soon as possible! We’re taking extra safety precautions with packaging and delivery but we will still aim to have your order with you within 5-7 business days. Your package will be delivered between standard delivery times.

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not set as business days for standard deliveries.

Unfortunately, once your orders are placed we cannot combine multiple orders due to regulatory and compliance issues. However, we offer free delivery on all orders.

Orders are processed from our warehouse in Kolkata, India. All products are stored safely under necessary conditions and shipped to you only after a thorough quality check & sanitization.


We accept the following modes of payment for domestic transactions:

  • Credit cards – Mastercard, Visa, and American Express

  • Net Banking – All major banks

  • Debit Card – All major banks

  • Cash on Delivery – The limit of our cash on delivery is up to Rs.10,000

In case you have received a message of payment failure, you may try to place the order once again. However if your amount has been debited, please do not retry – chances are that your order has already been received to us. For further clarification, please call our customer care number.

We would request you to check with your bank, in case of insufficient balance and/or if your card is currently valid. You could also try clearing your cache and reattempting with a different card or bank account.

Product Related:

All products at Aboli are made with natural materials which tend to cause some inconsistencies in terms of colour, size and texture. However, we believe that this is the beauty of handmade ceramics, wood, jute, cane, wax stone and metal – no two pieces are identical!

We at Aboli, take an extra step to be environmentally conscious. Wherever possible, we try to reuse packaging received directly from the craftsman instead of adding more to it. We attempt to reuse boxes, newspapers, hay, bubble wraps and anything else that we can reuse. We are happy to answer any more questions you may have on this, please write to us directly at infoabolidecor.com

We regret the inconvenience but it is possible that the product could have sold out while you were exploring. Being environmentally conscious, we source products in small batches to reduce wastage of materials and excess inventory.

General Queries:

Please call our customer care number +91 81002 73297

Registered Customer:

  1. 1. Log on to our website with your registered email Id

  2. 2. Click on My Account icon and go to My Orders

  3. 3. Click on the Order Details section to get the information on the Tracking Company, Tracking Number and Tracking Link

Guest Users:

If you shopped as a guest, enter your order number and email address in the link below for the status:

Guest order:

Should you have any questions about your order dispatch, we’re just a quick email, phone call or WhatsApp away

Terms & Conditions:

  • Cancellations are accepted only up to 24 hours after the order has been placed.

  • We always ensure all our products go through quality checks. However, on transit damage or missing products is our responsibility. Please share images and a 15 sec video on the same day as delivery to info@abolidecor.com

  • Once the order is placed, the shipping address cannot be modified. If shipping and billing addresses are different, we will assume this is a gift item/item being ordered for someone else. So a physical invoice won’t be given.

  • Returns can only be processed within 2 days of receiving the product – returns are only applicable on jute , wooden and cane products.

  • For COD (Cash on Delivery) orders, ceramic, clay and wax products are not returnable.

  • Two separate discount coupons not applicable on a single product or on a single order. Each coupon needs to be used separately.

  • In case of returns or refunds:

    • If payment made through a credit card – refund initiated will be credited back to the account.

    • If payment is made through cash on delivery, a store credit note of the same value will be sent by mail and will be valid for 1 year from the sent date.

  • In case of product loss, we will investigate both internally and with our courier partner. Please give us 7-10 business days to resolve the issue & get back to you.


  • Jute

    Also known as the ‘Golden Fiber’ because of its color and cost-effectiveness, is made of long, soft and shiny fibers that are spun into coarse, strong threads. This is then put to a multitude of uses.

  • Cane

    The outer part of the rattan tree, which grows like a vine in thick, winding strands. Versatile in its use, and elevates any home decor piece with its natural texture.

  • Ceramic

    Ceramic products are hard, porous and brittle. Ceramics are more than pottery and dishes: clay, bricks, tiles, glass, and cement are probably the best-known examples.

  • Wood

    An organic, natural and porous material that comes in many kinds of structures – hardwood, softwood, plywood – to name a few.

  • Brass

    nown for its decorative attributes and bright gold appearance, brass also exhibits durability, corrosion and resistance. It adds an elegant charm to any decorative piece.

  • Copper

    Apart from its attractive presence, copper also has antibacterial properties and is self sterilizing.

  • Glass

    Made from natural and abundant raw materials (sand, soda ash and limestone) that are melted at very high temperature to form this material. At high temperature glass is similar to liquids, however at ambient temperature it behaves like solids. As a result, glass can be poured, blown, pressed and molded into plenty of shapes.

  • Fiber

    Natural fiber, is raw material directly obtainable from an animal, vegetable, or mineral source and converted into fabrics such as felt or paper and, after spinning into yarns, into woven cloth material.

  • Resin

    An effective alternative to plastic. Resin is typically the name to refer to a naturally-occurring organic compound that is sourced from plants.

  • Wax

    Wax, is any of a class of pliable substances of animal, plant, mineral, or synthetic origin used to waterproof, or even molded in high temperatures to create beautiful shapes.

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